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There are different types of equipment available for deaf and hearing impaired people to use at home. This includes textphones, listening devices and alerting devices such as specially adapted doorbells and alarm clocks. Find out more about how this equipment can help you. Devices to help you use the telephone include handsets with inductive couplers, amplifiers, extension bells and text display.

Every deaf person interacts with a telephone according to a plethora of variables, including how deaf the person is (more particularly, what shape their hearing spectrum is), the audio fidelity of the telephone (high is not necessarily better) and extra noise on the telephone line.

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Other factors include what type of hearing aid they have, whether it's  a behind-the-ear aid, in-the-ear, a cochlear implant or bone-anchored. Also, whether the telephone has a loop and the hearer has the aid set to the loop setting, and what the shape of the telephone ear-piece is as well as ambient noise around where the telephone is located all come into play.

Telephones designed to work with a hearing aid are listed here as telephones with a built-in inductive coupler. If you wish to use a mobile phone with a hearing aid then you may wish to consider ear hooks and neck loops. Textphones that let you read the conversation on a display without needing to hear the other party are also included.